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Child Development Program

Child Development Program aim to improve the health of children and families, to improve health awareness and focus on areas of newborn care, nutrition Prenatal postnatal health and other activities related to child development.


                                                                                                                                        Paula Keno, Child Development Worker

  • Prenatal Clinic                                                                                                

  • Teach young prenatal self-care

  • Healthy Baby Benefit application

  • Breastfeeding promotions and support

  • CPNP Class

  • Postpartum home visit with Public Health Nurse

  • Nutrition screening counselling one on one

  • Traditional and cultural teaching during CPNP Class

  • Baby Bathtub Program


School Visits

  • Grade 4 HEP B Immunization

  • Grade 6 HPV Immunization

  • Immunization update on school children

  • Flu Immunization

  • Rapid Head Check (lice/nits)

  • Safety Presentation



  1. TV Presentation

  2. Health Forum Power Point Presentation

  3. Alcohol Drug Awareness Presentations at Band Field

  4. Treaty Days

  5. Open House at Community Health Resource Room

  6. Breastfeeding Workshop

  7. Easter Egg Hunt for Daycare

  8. Community Evacuation Forest Fire

  9. Flu Clinic

  10. Networking with other Community Support Services

    • Island Lake Family Services

    • Daycare

    • Community Health Programs; Parenting Skills Program, Maternal Child Health Program, ADI Program, Nutrition North & Community Health Representatives

    • Professional Health Workers: Doctors, Nurses & Dieticians

    • Schools

    • NNADAP

Other Duties

  1. Assist other co-workers if needed

  2. Interpret

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