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KHSI Programs

The Brighter Futures / Building Health Communities Program strives to assist in identifying the improvement of the overall health care for the Garden Hill First Nation members by focusing, planning and spiritual approach on health issues/problems.

Elider's Initiatives Program

The Elder's Initiatives program will assist in the development of the program services and giving proper direction and wisdom to the duties of the workers to communicate in delivery of the services. 

Mental Health Program

Kitiganwacheeng Health Services Inc, Mental Health Program was established in 1994. Survey was done to the community of what programs were available for the components that were mandated through Medical Services Branch.

Mental Health Program was the first priority to be developed in the community. Consultations were done during the five year time.

NNADAP Program

Native Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) is a community based program funded from Health Canada since 1970's.  NNADAP Program is to help and assist community members who are struggling with their addictions and to promote healthy living lifestyle within the community.

Community Health Program

Community Health programs objective is to exercise effective communications and leadership with professional medical personnel, organizations and Elders. Community Health is networking with other resources in our vicinity so our people have the best possible health care through information, prevention, intervention and education. Community Health utilizes our Elders for their knowledge of Indian medicine.

Maternal Child Health Program

The vision of the MHC Program is that pregnant First Nations women and families with infants and young children who live on reserve will be supported to reach their fullest development and lifetime potential.  This vision will be achieved by providing access to a local, integrated and effective MHC care system that responds to individual, family and community needs.

Injury Prevention Program

Responsible for maintaining and improving the health and safety of community members; Targeting the entire population. It's activities focus on preventing chronic disease like cancer and heart disease, prevention injuries and responding to public health emergencies and infectious disease outbreaks. 

Home & Community Care Program

The Garden Hill First Nation Home and Community Care Program provides care to community members who struggle with physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and/or social needs. The Program supports the ability of community members to remain independent in their home community of Garden Hill.

Nursing Station Program

  • Our goal is to offer the best possible health care in our community for our people

  • Helping people live the healthiest lives possible

  • Integrity: we are principled, honest, and ethical, and we do the right thing for those we serve.

Medical Transportation Program

Kitiganwacheeng Health Services Inc. receives funding through First Nation Inuit Health Branch to provide Medical Transportation Services for the Garden Hill First Nation members...

​The mandate of the Jordan’s Principle is to provide medical and social services to the all First Nation youths between the ages of 0 to 21 without any delays, disruptions, or limitations.  All youth should have equal access to health and social services no matter where they live.

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