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Child Wellness Program

Is to initiate a process that addresses the needs of children, to ensure that his/hers security is compromised.

  • Home Enforcement

  • Shelter

  • Food

  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Mental Spiritual

  • Holistic approach

  • and to be safe

Goals & Objectives:

  • The intervene when crisis involves children whether at home or elsewhere

  • To identify and access children who are at risk and take appropriate measures where applicable

  • To do home assessments

  • To provide follow up through home, school or office.

  • To provide counselling to the child, parent and families

  • To advocate for the child

  • Promote awareness of healthy families and parenting issues

  • To support parents if a child has behavior or emotional issue

What services we provide:

  • We are available to help families that are in need

  • Provide counselling and guidance to community members.

  • Home visits when required

  • Intake of clients and referrals

  • Do follow up with clients

  • Ensure child's safety

  • Available 24 hours for crisis calls

  • Willing to travel/escort in emergency situations

Contact:   Craig Munroe, Child Wellness Worker

                  Home (204) 456-9777

                 (P) 204-456-2404  (F) 204-456-2996

 Inspirational Quotes

  • Keep your thought positive because your thought become YOUR WORDS

  • Keep your words positive become your words become YOUR BEHAVIOR

  • Keep your words positive because YOUR HABITS

  • Keep your words positive because your words become YOUR VALUE

  • Keep your words positive because your words become YOUR DESTINY

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