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Community Health Program

Community Health programs objective is to exercise effective communications and leadership with professional medical personnel, organizations and Elders. Community Health is networking with other resources in our vicinity so our people have the best possible health care through information, prevention, intervention and education. Community Health utilizes our Elders for their knowledge of Indian medicine.

Community Health programs that are in the Garden Hill First Nation is governed by Kitiganwacheeng Health Services Inc. Our goal is to identify, promote with the best possible health care.  We need to preserve out traditional values and beliefs for future generations. We need to implement the principles of our traditional and cultural teachings in regards to health and to maintain our Indian medicine knowledge.

ADI Program

Provides Diabetes and Nutrition teaching to patients and to the community members of Garden Hill First Nation. Teachings are done one on one sessions, make referrals for blood work or treatment, issue diabetic supplement forms for special rate in social assistance, it is renewed, but blood work must be current. This past year 199 supplements were issued.

Diabetes Education Program

  • Health Snack Program

  • Diabetes Teaching and Diabetic supplement

  • Cooking classes

  • Exercise program (Wawatay Fitness Centre)

  • Food security, Community Gardening & Chicken raising projects.

Nutrition North Canada - Nutrition North Education Initiative's objective:

  1. To Increase individuals/community awareness around healthy eating.

  2. To increase skills around selection and preparation of healthy foods.

  3. To increase retail partnership to support health food choices.

  4. To support sharing of knowledge on traditional foods.

Community Health Representative

  • Health Education Nutrition

  • Newborn Care

  • Immunization 

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • Interpret 

  • Liaison Worker

  • Other Services like, Home Assessments, Eye care - medical services, bug infestation sites, cancer care, Dianetes camp etv. 

Water Quality  Program

  • water testing

  • presentation on local TV

Eric Wood, Community Health Coordinator                               Rose Barkman, Community Health Representative                                                            

Water Quality Tech                                                                       Wayne Beardy, Injury Prevention Worker



P.O Box 584

Island Lake, Manitoba

R0B 0T0

(204) 456-2926

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