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Mental Health Program

Kitiganwacheeng Health Services Inc, Mental Health Program was established in 1994. Survey was done to the community of what programs were available for the components that were mandated through Medical Services Branch.

Mental Health Program was the first priority to be developed in the community. Consultations were done during the five year time.

Mental Health Program focuses on four aspects of life, social, physical, spiritual and mental well-being. It focuses on more on self-esteem through mino-ya-win structure.

Mino-ya-win means wellness of an individual. 

Garden Hill Mental Health Program has two full time workers. Each have different clients which are both male and female.

The program provides counselling services and referrals to psychologist. Also developing programs through training, workshops to the community members. Also networking with Nursing Station, RCMP and other organizations within the community and Manitoba.

We do it through holistic approach that involves elders, family, church elders and resources. We establish a mine-ya-win relation between individuals that need help.

Mental Health program is open to anyone that is seeking help. We provide case conferences, one on one counselling sessions.

If you need more information about Mental Health Program, please feel free to contact us at (204) 456-2404.

Madeline Nattaway, Mental Health Counsellor

Larry Beardy, Mental Health Counsellor

During Pandemic COVID-19

Mental Health Unit

Additional 8 workers were recruited to assist in Mental Health Support.  Unit is located across the Nursing Station.  If you require assistance, you are welcome to call. 


Phone Number: (204) 456-2229    CONTACT CELL NUMBER (204) 450-3551

                            (204) 456-2261

                            (204) 456-2278

Our main target is to deliver the program to the community of Garden Hill First Nation, which focuses on prevention and intervention.


P.O Box 584

Island Lake, Manitoba

R0B 0T0

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