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Maternal Child Health Program

The vision of the MHC Program is that pregnant First Nations women and families with infants and young children who live on reserve will be supported to reach their fullest development and lifetime potential.  This vision will be achieved by providing access to a local, integrated and effective MHC care system that responds to individual, family and community needs.

The Goals and Objectives are to Promote Healthy Children; Healthy Families and Healthy Women and Fathers.  To Empower families; promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of women, children and families.  To promoting trusting and supportive relationships with parents/child, care provide/family and resource to resource, and to increase the community's capacity to support families.

The important component of the MCH Program is HOME VISITING.  Home visiting benefits the health of pregnant women, infants, children and families.

Evidence shows that home visiting improves maternal, child and family health outcomes. Because the experience, knowledge, skills and roles of the Community Health Nurse and Family Visitor are complementary, families benefits from the unique support that they provide through home visiting.

The primary benefit of home visitor is to reach families at risk of poor health outcomes and overcome barriers that prevent access to services and supports. Working with home visitor is often the first step in helping isolated families reconnect in a meaningful way with their community.

The long term goal of the Maternal Child Health Program is to ensure that pregnant women, families, infants and young children have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential, in a community environment that committed to promoting health and supporting families. The goal will be achieved by implementing a comprehensive and effective MCH care system. By strengthening individual, family and capacity, the long term benefits to health and the subsequent reduction in the need for intensive, treatment-orient services will have positive impact for generations to come.


- Workshops

- Monthly Health Promotion

- Weekly Home visits

- Prenatal Education Classes

- Nutrition Cooking Classes for prenatal

If you need more information about Maternal Child Health (MCH) Program, please feel free to contact us at (204) 456-2229.

Olive Harper, MCH Coordinator


Iona Wood, MCH Home Visitor


Kimberly Little, MCH Home Visitor

Our main target is to have healthy pregnancy & healthy babies in our communities.

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