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Garden Hill Home & Community Care Program


The Garden Hill First Nation Home and Community Care Program provides care to community members who struggle with physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and/or social needs. The Program supports the ability of community members to remain independent in their home community of Garden Hill.

The Program is committed to continuous quality improvement processes to develop and provide the highest possible standards of care. Services are equitable, holistic, flexible and client-centered in approach. They are designed to respect the unique needs of families and individuals. The Home and Community Care Program works with other health personnel to promote wellness, early intervention, and prevention activities. There is a high commitment to activities that support improved population health. In addition to direct services, clients, family, and community members are provided with health education information at every possible opportunity.


Garden Hill First Nation recognizes that its people are its most valuable resources. The Home and Community Care Program is committed to providing needed support to individuals who wish to remain in the community.

Services offered preserve and promote self-determination, self-worth, and self-reliance. Family and self-care is encouraged, where possible. The program does for people those things they cannot do for themselves. Home and Community Care is designed to assist and enhance the support and care provided by family members.

The providers of Home and Community Care services use a team approach and the program approach consists of culturally relevant health and wellness strategies. It is important that the providers of the Home and Community Care Program are supported by community leadership, the client families and community members.


  • Services are caring, equitable, holistic, client-centered, respectful, ethical, confidential, effective and efficient.

  • Services reflect the needs of Garden Hill First Nation residents.

  • Services reflect population health principles.

  • Services are continuously improving.

  • Individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for healthy living.

  • Family/friends, and self-care supports quality of life.

  • Clients participate in all service plans.

  • Clients have a right to free choice and self-determination.

  • Traditional healing approaches are respected.

  • Client’s rights are respected.

  • All clients and their families have strengths which can be mobilized.

Home and Community Care Manager

Florence Fontaine


Home & Community Care Staff


P.O Box 584

Island Lake, Manitoba

R0B 0T0

(204) 456-2926

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