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Parenting Skills Program

The goal is the encourage, support and maintain the well being of children, individuals and families.  Determining acceptable parenting practices in the community.  Teaching new parents about child rearing.  Development of culturally appropriate parenting tools and education about the effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs before/after pregnancy. Development of parenting support services in the community increase the training and awareness of community based service providers and strengthening the First Nation families. 

Research and consulting on parenting, one on one counselling with clients, families and to address behavior issues.  Prevention and intervention issues on parenting, family development, utilizing an elder to promote cultural and traditional values towards parenting. Home assessments, school visits, immunization. Networking with other resources throughout the community.


  • TV presentations and notices

  • Workshops and training session on parenting

  • Counselling session 

  • Sewing classes for prenatals

  • parenting classes

Roberta Fiddler, Parenting Skills Worker 

(204) 456-2229


P.O Box 584

Island Lake, Manitoba

R0B 0T0

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